Sunday, 14 September 2008

Glass Painting

Introduction of Glass Painting :

It's believed that it started sometime in the mid of 10th century. It flourished with the growth of christianity. This form of art was widely used in Churches. This art was also used in window panels to restrict or control the sun light.

This is unique as the medium of glass provides the painter with something that no other mediums can - the light effect.

Also, Painting with oils on the reverse side of a piece of glass, the artist must sign his signature backwards first so that when you view the finished work from the front it reads properly. Details and foreground are also done before anything else. Once dry, the artist can proceed to the middle ground and when that is completely dry, the background. Every step of the process is the exact reverse from traditional painting on canvas: painting backwards, in reverse, on the back side of a common pane of glass.

Glass painting is an extremely refined art form but discovery of synthetic colors specially meant for this purpose, has ensured that this art form gains as much popularity as it can.

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Aji Woodson said...

Good start !! Keep it up !!

- Kums