Saturday, 1 November 2008

Paneer Dal Gravy

Hi Everyone..
Yesterday i prepared a nice indian food which is very simple prepare and nice to eat ;).
You can name it as 'Paneer Gravy'. I am not a professional in cooking but i know how to cook and eat :)
1. Channa dal - 2 teaspoon
2. Peanuts - 2 teaspoon
3. Methi - 1 pinch
4. Onion - 3 medium size
5. tomatto - 1 medium size
6. Garam masala - 1 teaspoon
7. ginger - 1 inch (ground)
8. red Chilli - 2 (if 2.5 inch length)
9. Sunflower oil - 2 teaspoon
10. Green chilli - 2 (2 inch lenth)
11. Panner - 50 grams

Preparation :
1. Cut onion and tomatto into small pieces.
2. Cut paneer into small pieces (2*2*2 cms)
3. Add 1 teaspoon of oil in a pan (thicker the pan it's better)Fry onion , Channa dal, Peanuts and red chilli until the onion loose it's falvour/smell(golden colr).Grind it well.
4. In the pan add 1 teaspoon of oil and put mustard, curry leave(wet), panneer and fry and stir till the panneer becomes golden color.
5. now add the ground onion, ginger(ground), tomatto, green chilli cut in small pieces.keep the stove in medium heat.
6. Add 400 ml of water and keep stirring.Add garam masala, stir well an close the pan with a lid.
7. The stove should be in sim.Sprinkle coconut .Remove the lid after 10 mins and check whether tomatto is well cooked.
Don't forget to add salt.In place of panneer, you can add chicken also....
How to eat:
you can eat this gravy with Rice with a glass of coke/pepsi.

Have fun with your style/way of cooking !!

- Nhanna

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Moni said...

heeey its realy a gud receipe .. thanks buddy